Street Documentaries series, is the expiration of our thoughts and deep feelings. In a series of films shot on the streets of London, Ashton John investigates and documents with his camera. 


Me and My Phone 
Apart of the street short series, Me and My Phone explores the relationship with our mobile phones and the part they play in our everyday lives. Shot on the streets of East London Filmmaker Ashton John explores by talking to different people on the streets to share their experiences good and bad in this short film.



How do you Feel, a simple question but is this always answered honestly?

Film-maker Ashton John produces a Street shot documentary, finding out more about thoughts and feelings and what really is on our minds… Feel


Please and Thanks

Please and thanks is explored in this street shot short. exploring the views of manners in London. This Short won the 4docs 3MW competition and was screened on Channel 4 as a three-minute wonder.


Love is 

Inspired by Shamsavari’s concept for the exhibition Love is Change, filmmakers Ashton John and David Nwikpo undertook a journey to create Love Is… a documentary shot on the streets of London that exposes intimate truths about how we view love today.

Produced and Directed By

Ashton John


DOP – David Nwikpo Editor Lee McKarkiel