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Home Project: Hackney

The Home Project poses a simple question…what does home mean to us? Putting
Hackney under the microscope as the project’s first destination, the project looks at residents old and new.

The aim is to use personal stories to highlight all aspects of a growing
community and to explore the opinions of the residents as the community expands and

The Home project is an interactive video and image exhibition created By Filmmaker
Ashton John. Comprising of individual short films and photography. Home explores
the individual connection to our space and neighborhood, and also the personal
connections to places, people and the memories that have been created.

Focusing on the boroughs rapid change of community, exposing personal stories from all current residences.
The main objective is to share stories from existing and new residents in the London Borough. Revealing perspectives of all residence a current portrait of Hackney.

The project currently represents five existing and new residents who are threatened in a number of ways by gentrification, housing, culturally – losing familiar shops, cafes pubs.

Gallery Space
The Project exhibits films and photography on individual Hackney residents, alongside accompanied interactive screens for guest to watch the short films. This also allows guests to interact and participate in the ongoing discussion about community rapid change by leaving feedback.

Capturing the thoughts of the audience and local residents.

interactive screens are driven by iPads connected to a display allowing guests to touch and explore content.  


Screening Event

The Home projects opening was hosted on Dalston roof Park this month. A panel of participating residents and Hackney now elected mayor Philip Glanville. Two residents films  screened followed by an open discussion with community members to meet and debate about Hackney’s cohesion with new and existing residences. This lead to deep discussion about the future of Hackney and it’s affordable housing in the area.

The Home project is designed to lead to social discussion around the connection to an area and the people and communities, with the main aim of social cohesion allowing all residents to explore and connect with members of their community.   

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